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PNR status explained

PNR status of your IRCTC or Indian Railways ticket can be checked easily online on our website. Just submit your PNR number in our form and click the button. The result will appear in new window showing your current position.

What is PNR status and what it tells me?

PNR status on Indian railways ticket
PNR status highlighted on Indian railways ticket

PNR status is the status of your booking. It tells you whether your ticket is confirmed or waitlisted or reserved etc.

When do I need to know my PNR status?

When travelling by train in India you will sooner or later find yourself in the situation of having train ticket on waitlist. This is quite common and to know whether your ticket is confirmed or not you need to check your current PNR status. You can do it online at easily.  To see your train ticket current position on waitlist of the IRCTC booking system just use our form on top of this page.

What does “PNR number” mean

PNR stands for “passenger name record” and tells you what is your current position on the WL (waitlist) or on RAC (reservation against cancellation queue). If you buy WL ticket or RAC ticket you receive a unique 10 digit PNR number.

3 ways of checking

Basically you have 3 options and these are:

  1. Online checking using your PC
  2. SMS service
  3. Using an App for Smartphone

Online checking form

Obviously the easiest way of checking is online by submitting a form on our website.

Using SMS service

Do it by sending an SMS in one of the following formats:

  • PNR to 54959
  • IRPNR to 57886
  • PNR to 5676747
  • PNR to 139

Note: the correct format of sms text (with sample number) is: “pnr 9876543210″ note that you need to type space between the code “pnr” and your “10-digit pnr number”

Using Smartphone Apps to check pnr status

Using Smartphones and tables with internet connection is common these days so we listed some apps we think are good to use.

Android App

One of the best is an Indian Rail Info App and you can download it from a Google Play store.

iPhone App

There is no app dedicated for iPhone to date (10/2013). We will let you know once there is one available!

Windows App

Since September 12, 2013 New official IRCTC app is available on Windows Store. IRCTC in cooperation with Microsoft launched Official IRCTC App on Windows-based devices. You can read complete press release here.


Indian Railways website

Irctc pnr status

PNR status and Railway reservation step by step explanation…

WL and RAC explanation

When all available seats in a given train are sold, the railway (Indian Railway or IRCTC) release RAC for railway reservation, once those are sold as well, then WL tickets are released.

For every train people naturally cancel their tickets for various reasons. It is those cancellations that can get you on the train if you bought a RAC or WL ticket. When the actual reservation chart of the particular train is ready (that means the trains are due to depart in a few hours usually) and there are still some available tickets is different quotas, those will be given to  RAC/WL ticket holders.

Here is an example of a Railway reservation situation. Tickets are sold in following order:

  1. Available 02
  2. Available 01
  3. RAC 01
  4. RAC 02
  5. RAC 03
  6. RAC 04
  7. WL 01
  8. WL 02

Getting oriented in your ticket and WL numbers…

On your ticket, there are 2 numbers. They tell you the position you joined the waitlist and your current position – in this order.

Let´s have an example:
You are booking a ticket online (Indian Railways , Irctc , etc… ) You found what you wanted, your train – class – seat / berth and the date and time.  At the end of the reservation you buy a ticket with WL5/WL2.

In this example you joined the WL on the position 5  and before you actually bought the ticket online you already moved to 2nd position (due to someone else´s cancellation – or better to say they didn´t make a final booking). The first number will stay the same – it indicates when you JOINED the queue ! The second number will decrease until you get a ticket (hopefully)

Your Railway reservation could look like:

  • WL 5/WL 2 (this is your starting position)
  • WL 5/WL 1
  • WL 5/RAC 3
  • WL 5/RAC 2
  • WL 5/RAC 1
  • WL 5/CNF


WL 5/WL 2 = waitlist ticket, you cannot board the train

WL 5/RAC 3 = RAC ticket, you are allowed to board the train ,  but you may  end up on a seat instead of a berth.

WL 5/CNF = confirmed ticket, you can board the train  and you have a berth for yourself.

WL and RAC tickets refund

If your train is ready for departure and it´s reservation chart is finalized your WL and RAC ticket will be automatically refunded to your bank account.

NOTE: There can be significant movement on waitlist on the very last day, so you can get a RAC status last-minute, in such case you don´t of course get any refund as RAC is actually a boarding ticket.


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