Finding the best train between 2 stations

So you are planning the trip. And all you need to decide now is the best train connection to your destination:

We recommend using this interactive Google Train Finder

Here is how it works:

  • In the map below you see an example of train connection between two distant stations of Indian Railway network. In fact what you see is route of the longest train in India, the Vivek Express.
  • To find the train for your trip, please click the “more option” in the map below or  click here.
  • The new window with Google Train Finder opens.
  • Enter the from and to stations and submit. If you have the station codes for your trip please use it. You can also find the station codes in our station code finder
  • The result will appear in the google map as well as the detailed list of all possible connection.
  • Here it´s up to you :) , You choose which train is the best for you
  • Ok, now you found the train you like and want book the ticket? To find if there are free seats see our simple tool for seat availability.
  • We sure wish you happy journey and in case you buy waitlisted ticket be sure to read our tips and trickson this topic.

Happy journey !

Interactive Google map above is just an example for Vivek Express train route between Dibrugarh and Kanyakumari. To search for your train go to Google Train Finder.



This is high resolution map of Indian Railways network.
Click the map to enlarge it to full resolution.



Map of Indian Railways

Map of Indian Railways, download