Booking guide

If you plan to book a ticket for an Indian Railway train, do it soon. It doesn’t really matter where and how you do it, but if you want to be sure you get a ticket there is no better advice than to plan your journey in advance and make the reservation as soon as possible – this means the very first day the train tickets are being sold.

Booking at the railway station

You need to find the nearest train station, fill in the relevant form and wait in a queue. As these queues tend to be very long, we recommend that you make the reservation online. If you have no option but to book your ticket in person, here is the list of all railway stations in India

Booking online

Learn how to book a ticket with IRCTC using our railway reservation guide.

Last-minute booking

If for any reason you do not have a ticket and your journey is just a few days away, there still is a chance to get one. This option is called Tatkal ticket and here is the Tatkal booking.