Tips for Booking

I must take this train, what can I do to get a ticket?

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If you need a particular train urgently and cannot buy a regular ticket, you still have a few options to try. Here they are…

When you search for seats, you can do so in different quotas. Select one in the drop down box…Indian Railways booking quotas

Foreign Tourist Quota: You cannot make a booking online. These tickets are sold only at train stations with a tourist reservation window. Some tourist agencies also offer this service but for a large fee. At the time of writing this article, it is not possible to book this type of ticket online.

Ladies Quota: In reality this option just does not work… there are only six berths in this quota and even if you get one, it is likely to be surrounded by men’s berths.

Tatkal Quota: Tatkal is a last-minute ticket, and IRCTC (INDIAN RAILWAYS CATERING & TOURISM CORPORATION LTD) sells these tickets five days prior to departure of the train. A Tatkal ticket can sometimes be the only option for getting a train ticket, but it is relatively expensive and you have to buy this ticket for the whole train journey, even though you may want to travel just a section of it (you can select your boarding station).

Tatkal tickets are sold online, but can only be booked starting at 12:00 am (IST). This is to provide customers buying tickets at the train station with an equal chance.

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