Is my RAC or WL position likely to improve? When?

WL and RAC positions always improve, but this depends on a number of factors. The main factor is how far in advance you booked your ticket. Later we will tell you how to see if it is even possible to become confirmed if you have a WL position.

Here are the top 3 ways a WL/RAC ticket position can improve:

Many tickets are cancelled due to the fact that the cancellation fee is very low. For this reason, people who are not 100% certain when they are traveling will book a number of tickets for one itinerary and then later, when they have decided exactly which train to take, they cancel the rest. This is when your ticket improves its position.

  1. All trains eligible for online reservations have different quotas; these seats are reserved for various people – government employees, military employees, rail employees, the handicapped and a few others. Often these tickets are not sold and this is another reason why a WL position can improve.
  2. Ticket holders can upgrade free of charge to a higher class (up to two classes higher than originally booked). When the final reservation chart is calculated and there are available seats in the higher classes, passengers may move to those classes, making their original seats available.

Exception: During Indian holidays, all trains in general, and some busy trains in particular, can be sold out virtually within a minute after they are released for online booking. On those trains, the wait lists are very long and the chance of getting a confirmed ticket is low.

Can I check if my WL position has improved? PNR status check.

Along with your ticket, you receive a unique PNR number. This is printed on the upper right corner of your ticket and contains 10 digits. You use this PNR number to check your current status.